Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Tenth Follower.

Hello and welcome to Andrea of A Mini Obsession.   I hope you like reading about me and what I'm up to.   I've already seen some very interesting plates and other items on your blog.

As I type this, we are having the most incredible storm.  The sky has been dark for over an hour and it turned to night for a while,  the rain poured down,  we even had hail.
 My little dog Nicholas  does NOT like thunder and lightning,  neither do I, so we huddle together and are both tempted to hide under the bed!  My husband loves a storm, he flings open the drapes or goes out onto the verandah to watch,  frankly I can think of better things to do that aren't so noisy or dangerous!


  1. Espera más! te mereces muchos más seguidores
    Un abrazo

  2. Thank you for the kind welcome! :-) I look forward to reading here often!