Friday, 20 December 2013


I would like to wish my dear friends God's richest blessings for a wonderful and joyous Christmas and happiness and good health in the New Year.

I hope you will enjoy some photo's of our home this Christmas. I love to put my Christmas tree up in the entry hall and fill it with all the decorations that I have kept for many years. I do manage to find a few to buy each year as well! 
I have several beautiful little birds but found one in my cat Bella's mouth recently. Too tempting for her.

This is a part of my Lemax village that is displayed on the window seat in our lounge room, it's a perfect place and is especially pretty in the night with all the lights shining from the little buildings.

Sometimes it's just a simple bowl of baubles that make a pretty display.I made the Christmas puddings from styrofoam balls covered in brown and white sequins and beads.

Some of the decorations on our tree are years old. I remember them on the tree when my children were small, they bring lovely memories of happy Christmas morning's.

I have an even smaller scale lighted village in my kitchen. I'm running out of room to fit any more in but I do love them. 

I hope all your wishes come true this Christmas. We are spending the day with our children, grand-son and the new man in my daughters life along with about fifteen other friends so I couldn't be happier.

Monday, 30 September 2013


My husband and I have just returned from a lovely ten day holiday to Nowra in N.S.W.  We stayed with his sister and her husband. It was a family reunion as well. Some came from Q.L.D, others from N.S.W and of course Victoria was represented too.
On the Saturday night my husband and his brother played their guitars while some of us sang and even tried some line-dancing.

We had several day trips to local shops with a few yummy lunches as well. A new diet is needed now!

We visited the Albatross Museum at Jervis Bay, well worth it and not just for the men either. We also had our eight year old grand-niece with us and she had fun looking at all the fantastic aircraft, helicopters and memorabilia.

We also loved driving to several pretty beach towns and fell in love with Calala Bay. We discovered a small inlet that was protected and peaceful.  I would love to live there!

Huskisson was also a big hit. A larger town and quite touristy. There were many boats moored on the harbour and plenty of great views for us to enjoy.

I took many photo's of pelicans, they are beautiful and graceful in the air.

Look up Mr Pelican, you are being watched!

I would love to live somewhere like this so I could go for a walk on the beach with my little dog Buster. He would love to play in the water I'm sure.

Kangaroo's were easy to see in the area and this one was just across the road from where we stayed

We called in to Towrang on the way home. It's a tiny area not far from Goulburn. My great-great-grandfather had lived and worked there as a brick-maker. He was a convict sentenced to seven years for stealing a handkerchief. He died there in 1858. Sadly there wasn't much to see but I did take a photo of the little church where he was married. 

Friday, 15 March 2013


My dear little Buster had an operation today. He was desexed but it wasn't as straight forward as I had hoped. However he's home now and recuperating. He has a collar on because he's too interested in his stitches.
 He's got two lots that will have to be removed in ten days. Until then I think it's going to be a challenge to keep him quiet.
I can't wait until he's all better and playing outside or snoozing in his favorite chair in the sun.
The vet said that he was such a sweet boy, she really loved taking care of him.
We are so blessed to have him but I believe that he feels just as lucky to have us!

He's asleep at my feet and gently snoring so I will say good-night from both of us.
Vicki x

Friday, 8 March 2013


I haven't lost the use of the English language just yet.  I've joined a class to learn Italian and I'm loving it!
I've always been interested in Italian, it's such a passionate, lively language.
Now at home it's "buongiorno" to the "cano" and "gatti". I'm counting in Italian and trying to learn the names of the days and months. It's a challenge although some words are easier to pick up as they are similar to English.

My main reason for this post was to say "benvenuto" to a new follower, Diva. I can't see a blog for you but I hope you enjoy visiting here and learning a little bit about me along the way.

I'm still finding many family members on Ancestry. I don't remember if I told you but I was adopted as a baby and knew absolutely nothing of my background. I now have a family tree to be proud of and can now say that I too have a story to tell!

This is my maternal great great grand-mother, Mary. She was born in 1799 in England a died in Australia in 1890. I think she has such a gentle face don't you?  I have quite a bit of interesting information about her and her life. I can only read it and admire her for the trials and challenges that life brought her way.

Arrivederci   for now,

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Did you ever make daisy chains when you were small? I loved making them and the bright yellow "jewels" around my neck always made me feel happy. 
I find myself being quite reflective these days, remembering my child-hood and the simple pleasures of playing with friends.
 Creating houses out of a few sticks on the ground, skipping, climbing trees, tea parties with my doll or putting my little black dog in the basket of my bike and going for a ride.
Perhaps it's because I'm getting older and long for a more simple life-style?

Even though you and I haven't had a chat for several months, I have been busy. I've had some health concerns, one is still giving me some trouble. I've been twice to a surgeon but he's reluctant to operate so I'm trying to be patient and put up with the pain. If you only knew just what an impatient person I am with myself then you would know that I can barely put up with "me" sometimes!

I enjoyed making all my Christmas cards again last year with the added bonus of my Cuttlebug and some lovely new stamps. I've got a good pile of cards made and just waiting for the right occasion to post one to some-one who I know would love to receive it.  I've discovered that not everyone values a hand-made card so they get a pretty bought one instead!

I've also spent hours in the garden over the last few months. It's been lovely to see new plants popping up and with careful watering, they continue to grow.

My little dog Buster continues to warm our hearts. He's found the perfect home and we've found the perfect addition to our family. He's laying at my feet as I write this, I won't tell him that I'm talking about him!

It's a bold photo of him but he loves to lay on his back for a tummy rub!!

I love this one, he often sleeps this way too.

I took some photo's of my work-room to send to a friend. Would you like to see where I spend a lot of hours creating my own little masterpieces? Please excuse the mess.

Every time I see my half-finished dolls house I feel guilty but there are so many other fantastic crafts that lure me into spending time with them!  That's my excuse any way.

Time to go and feed the man in my life, actually feed three men and a lady if you count two cats and a dog!

Blessings to you 'till next time,