Monday, 30 September 2013


My husband and I have just returned from a lovely ten day holiday to Nowra in N.S.W.  We stayed with his sister and her husband. It was a family reunion as well. Some came from Q.L.D, others from N.S.W and of course Victoria was represented too.
On the Saturday night my husband and his brother played their guitars while some of us sang and even tried some line-dancing.

We had several day trips to local shops with a few yummy lunches as well. A new diet is needed now!

We visited the Albatross Museum at Jervis Bay, well worth it and not just for the men either. We also had our eight year old grand-niece with us and she had fun looking at all the fantastic aircraft, helicopters and memorabilia.

We also loved driving to several pretty beach towns and fell in love with Calala Bay. We discovered a small inlet that was protected and peaceful.  I would love to live there!

Huskisson was also a big hit. A larger town and quite touristy. There were many boats moored on the harbour and plenty of great views for us to enjoy.

I took many photo's of pelicans, they are beautiful and graceful in the air.

Look up Mr Pelican, you are being watched!

I would love to live somewhere like this so I could go for a walk on the beach with my little dog Buster. He would love to play in the water I'm sure.

Kangaroo's were easy to see in the area and this one was just across the road from where we stayed

We called in to Towrang on the way home. It's a tiny area not far from Goulburn. My great-great-grandfather had lived and worked there as a brick-maker. He was a convict sentenced to seven years for stealing a handkerchief. He died there in 1858. Sadly there wasn't much to see but I did take a photo of the little church where he was married. 


  1. Hi Vicky! What beautiful pictures of your holiday and welcome back! Long time no see ;)!
    I think the story of your great-great-grandfather is very interesting. A few years ago I have read some books about prisoners, who were sent from Britain to the penal colonies in Australia. I guess it also happened in the same time?
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Hi IIona, I'm sure you are right about the time of prisoners being sent to Australia. There are so many sad stories about them. Sentenced to 7- 14 years or life transportation to Australia for really minor crimes and most were committed because of hunger. Many though, went on to establish themselves with good jobs or farms.
    Blessings, Vicki.

  3. Hi Vicki
    I havent been around the blofgs for quite a while ...but was suprised to see pics of the air museum ....My husband was based at Albatross , I went to Nowra high , My parents live in the area and used to live on the was to Husky (Huskison)

  4. Hi Vicki , Imagine my suprise to see the air museum on your pic ....My husband was in the fleet air arm branch at albatross. Beautiful area :) I went to high school there!

  5. Hi Kez, It's a small world isn't it? I love Nowra and would happily move to the area especially for the warmer weather!! We really loved our visit to the Albatross base and also the fantastic day visiting the little coastal towns. Take care, Vicki.