Tuesday, 31 January 2012


After publishing my last post, I realised that I forgot to show you the photo's of my creation of my daughter's house.   I made this from scratch, it looks just like her home.  The colours are the same but I didn't have the right material to replicate the wrought iron lace-work on the verandah.

I found the lady sitting in her rocking chair and told my daughter that it could be her in the future! 
 She has two cats and no dogs but I think the dogs look very much at home here. I also love the rubber boots, they feel soft and realistic.

There isn't a wicker planter and plants either but when making mini's, we can surely have some say in how we want it to look can't we?

Monday, 30 January 2012


After quite a lot of thinking and soul searching I have decided to "come clean" and use my real name on this blog.  I decided to use the name Sandie, as my blog name when I started it. Even though I thought I had good reasons, it has become too confusing for the lovely people that I've made friends with so....here I am as myself,    Vicki.
 What a good feeling  to just be me!

I also want to show you a project that my grand-son made at school two years ago. he gave it to me last week-end as he's now 16 and  interested in other things. I have always loved it, mainly because he made it ( with help from his Dad ) but also because it depicts a miners camp on the gold fields.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Welcome to you both.

Hell and welcome to Ascension and Jazzi.
 Ascension your tiny little elves are fascinating. I can't believe they could be made so small.
Jazzi, It's lovely to hear from a "neighbor". I really like your teapots. I have a few full size ones that I've collected and would love to have several smaller size too.  I have emailed you in the hope of us meeting up soon.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australia Day.

I can't believe that I haven't posted since before Christmas. What have I been doing with my time?

I promise you I have been busy but just doing the things that I want to do. I love January because there's usually no commitments in my diary, so.....lovely days spent in my craft room,  in the garden or catching up with friends.  The weather has given much variety but lately, quite warm to hot.  I put a bag of sugar cane mulch on the front garden but will have to buy several more bags to finish the job.

I recently joined a new group, Miniature Haven and I'm loving it. There is a Project of the Month and for January it's items for a bathroom . As I was planning on getting serious about finishing my house, the motivation is back and I've made almost everything my bathroom will need.

The bathroom set is from the Delprado part-works that I "invested" in a few years ago. I re-painted the timber, it was dark brown. I made the towel, slatted mat, slippers, over the bath timber shelf, soap and loofa.

The soap is a tiny button on another and the hand soap dispenser is made from small beads, the face washer is fine terry towel.

 I painted over the blue motif on the suite with a soft green and made the toilet brush and waste bin too. You can't see the toilet roll and holder on this photo.

The pink towel was made from a piece of soft cotton that I dyed with acrylic paint in some water. The white one has some embroidery also.

I still have to find some small labels to go on the items in the cabinet that will go above the basin.

 I found a chair in my stash, repainted it and had fun making and placing a silky nightie and pink bra on it. I gently glued the nightie in place.

This was also fun to make. I cut out the shape of a dressing gown and glued and folded it to the look that I wanted. I left it on a sheet of plastic over-night to set. A tiny brass nail was pushed through at the top and it will hang on the back of the bathroom door.

I arranged some items on a small shelf and added a hand towel.

 You can see the basin better from this angle. I was really happy with the tiny  pink button, it makes a good bar of soap.