Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Forgotten Groceries And More.

Hello to Carmen from My Little Escape, welcome to my blog.  I really like what you have done with the red lantern that you bought at Ikea. I hope you will enjoy reading what I do here.

At last! Here are photo's of the grocery items that I mentioned in my last post then forgot to include.  Since then I've made more but still sooooo many more to make before the shelves are full.

 I have already bought quite a lot of packet and tin items as well as lots of bottles and jars to fill and label.  I know some of the items aren's strictly 1950's era but they can go at the back to make the display look fuller.
It's going to take a while to make enough as I have three shelf units to stock then I can put the "shopping" away and start on something else.

My shop will be in the  1950's and I'm going to sell hardware  things too such as pots, dishes, mops, buckets, as well as fruit and vege's.  There is also a post-office section.
 I'm hoping it will look like one of those country stores that's crammed full of all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.

I thought you might like to see some photo's of my cats. I must be honest and tell you that I've got many to choose from, they always seem to be doing something cute or funny so out comes the camera again!

Bella, on the left and looking like she's whispering to Harry, is as her name suggests, beautiful in nature as well as looks. She was one of a litter from a stray cat and was born in my daughters back garden.  I'm not sure what breed she is, perhaps Calico.

This is a favourite photo of Bella. She was washing her whiskers but it looks like she's laughing.

Harry is a street kid in more ways than one!  I got him from a cat rescue place. He took quite a while to settle in when he came home. He climbed and jumped up on every surface and piece of furniture in the house and was so full of energy that we wondered if we had done the right thing in getting him.  Now I wouldn't swap him for the world.  He's settled down although he still loves to climb and has a couple of favourite places on window sills.

My husband made a great cat cage for them both. It's accessible from the laundry into the first cage area, then up a ladder and through a tunnel into the cage in the garden.  they both love it and will often sit up in the tunnel where they get the best view.

My little dog Nicholas doesn't like Harry, you can't blame him for looking so unhappy at having to share his bed can you?


  1. I look forward to seeing you shop progress. I love the idea of a general store, it sounds like great fun :) have you come across this site before ? It has lots of food packages from different eras that you can print out . Your cats and your dog are gorgeous :)and the picture of Bella really does look like shes laughing :) it brought a smile to my face :)

  2. Thanks Kez. Yes I do know of that site. in fact I've printed out quite a few things from there already. I'll post some photo's of the house soon although it doesn't look much just yet, more like a building site! I'm glad you liked my cats, they are wonderful company and easy to talk to. They're very good listeners unless it's tea-time, then it's heaven help you if you stand between them and their food bowls!!

  3. gracias por la bienvenida!tambien espero verte por mi sitio...

  4. I love the little grocery items! Were they hard to put together?
    I love cats, so really enjoyed the photos of your sweet kitties! I have a cat that looks almost like your Harry. :-) I got her from a cat rescure place as well almost a year ago.

  5. Thank-you all for your comments. No, the packets weren't hard to put together, just a bit fiddly. Some of them are glued around a piece of balsa, some I've added weight inside ( fine kitty litter) but most are just folded and glued. Some printies are also better than others.
    Bella, Harry and Nick say thank-you too, they have promised to pose for more photo's in the future!

  6. You have made a great job of the printies and so many! As you said, you'll need lots to fill a shop, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. Love your puss-cats, sp pretty. Gill x

  7. I am doing the same as you with lots of packets for my 1930's/1940's grocers! And like you, I feel that the more I do the more I need to do. I keep feeling that I need to do a grocery store for my quarter scale village too but the thought of even more packages........! Your cats are so delightful. I have a weakness for calico cats - my first one was a calico manx and I've had two of them since then. Keep up the good work with the printies lol.