Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Work Shed.

My first and only attempt at quarter scale so far. I made this shed at a workshop day a few years ago and loved doing it. We constructed the box and everything inside.
 Some of the tools are laser cut and so tiny but beautifully detailed. They were bought from Eclectic Echidna, not sure if it's still in business though.

I'm so nervous about starting another project in this scale but think I will order a small house from Petite Properties.    I hope to have a garden space for my beautiful garden arbour and flower filled wheelbarrow that I was very fortunate to win from Sandra at Snippets From My Studio.

The only other really small item that I've made is this castle.  The pieces were pre-cut by some-one else and I put it together and painted it.  I'm not really happy with some of the detail.   One day I might get around to fixing it.      Painting the soldier toothpicks was fun!     I'm not sure my eyesight would be good enough now!


  1. Love your tiny tiny work!! Quarter scale is hard on the eyes hey, but a lot of fun!! I'd never heard of Petite Properties, must have a look. Looking forward to your next installment :)) xxx

  2. Hi Sandie, sorry I missed this post until just now. Have you started a Petite Properties kit yet? Doing some really helped my stress levels while I was away. Now I have to finish them off. Your shed is just lovely, and so is your castle - great work, both of them. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do in this scale.
    Big hugs,