Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hello Again!

I can't believe just how long it's been since my last post.  I've been so busy what with one thing and another. 
 First there was the school exams. I'm a supervisor at a local high school for the V.C.E. exams.
 This is the Victorian Certificate of Education exams that are for year 12 high school ( last year of high school). They are held twice yearly and always using supervisors from 'outside' the school concerned.
 End of year exams are held over 3 weeks , I did 16 of them. I really love the work but it is very tiring as you must stay on your feet all the time and most importantly, keep quiet!!
 Some of the exams go for 3 hours so it's a long time without talking.

I have managed to make some new Christmas decorations though, there's always time for craft.
The little trees are very simple, two are made with paper and the other using suffolk puffs glued onto a foam shape. I've made quite a few trees over the years, fabric, felt and covered bottle tops to think of a few.
 I love this little angel, my lovely husband cut it out for me and I painted her and the standing angel with the beautiful wings.  I don't do enough folk art. Every now and then the mood takes me and out come the paints and brushes!

 We made these baubles at our last craft day for this year at my Probus club. I'm the president this year and also organise the craft group. We have lots of fun, laughing and talking and even managing to make some lovely craft items as well!

A couple of months ago we made  book-marks  and  angels. I'm fairly new at beading but really enjoy it. Hopefully we will make something else next year with beads.

I have also been quite involved at church singing in the choir and taking part in a Christmas play as well as a couple of lunches where I usually have too much to eat, promise myself that I won't eat as much at the next one,  but,  oh dear,  everything looks so tempting !!
The next and last social outing for me this year is next Wednesday. It's our Probus Christmas lunch that I have planned.  We are also putting on our own entertainment.
 I hope the weather will be good as we are going out to the Tangled Maze near Creswick and hope to walk in the gardens and through the maze.


  1. I'm really impressed with your Christmas decorations, Sandie but most of all I love the beaded book marks! You've used some beautiful beads. I hope you get to walk through the maze! Happy Christmas, Gill x

  2. Thank-you Gill. I had a fantastic day at the Tangled Maze, We walked around the beautiful gardens but were too tired for the maze this time.
    Most of the beads on the book-marks are from old necklaces and beads that I've had for ages. Miniaturists never throw anything out, we are well trained aren't we? Merry Christmas to you, hugs from Sandie x