Sunday, 11 December 2011

Welcome To My Home At Christmas.

I love the little houses that light up. The smaller ones in front are battery operated but I forgot to switch them on for the photo, oh dear!  My cat Harry still manages to jump up on this desk in the kitchen to see out of the window.I often discover his "re-arranging" efforts.
 The mantle-piece is a great place to display some of my favourite things.
 The crystal cabinet that my husband made me a few years ago holds one of several nativity sets and some trees that I made in a craft group last year.
 The large cabinet that my husband also made is in the hallway with our tree and old treadle sewing machine.
These are some of my beautiful lighted houses. Most are Lemax although a few are cheaper ones that I've been lucky enough to buy over the last few years.

We are fortunate in having a window seat in our living room. It's the perfect place to set up the village. I'm adding to the collection each year and have always invited neighbours children and friends in to see it all.  Being able to share the enjoyment with others is very special for me as Christmas is a time of sharing.
I hope you enjoyed a visit to my home.


  1. What a beautiful christmas display, thanks for sharing it :)

  2. A most beautiful display and an amazing collection of Christmas miniatures. Your husband is a very talented carpenter.

  3. What a fabulous collection of Christmas things you have and what a bonus - a husband that can make such beautiful furniture! Your home looks gorgeous. Happy Christmas! Gill x

  4. Thank-you all for your kind comments.
    Christmas hugs, Sandie x

  5. Your husband has made some beautiful furniture Sandie, and your Christmas displays are wonderful. Hugs Sandie