Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Grocery shopping?

I had a burst of energy recently and made these tins and packets for my grocery store.

The tins were kits with the "tin" turned on a lathe.  They have realistic circles on the top and went together very well.   Most of the packets are from printies found on the internet but a few were kits as well.   Fiddly to glue up but I'm happy with the results.   I think I will brush a sealer coat over them  as well.

I spent hours working on them but was surprised when I finished  that there weren't more of them.   It's going to take me a long time to fill shelves in my shop!
My husband has a mini lathe that's for turning metal.  He's already said he could make some tins for me, I just need to find the right labels so he can figure out how thick to turn them.

I re-organised all my mini's recently and found things that I forgot buying. It was a bit like a birthday surprise, even found doubles of some items. Oh well,  I must have likes it enough to buy it twice!  I can't believe just how much I have.  We will need a much bigger house to display all of it if I ever get around to finishing projects.


  1. Silly me! I forgot to post a photo of the packet food. next time.

  2. These look so real life. Good results!

  3. Brilliant! I agree with Drora, they look so real. You made such a good job of them. Gill x