Sunday, 18 September 2011

My New Mitre Saw.

This is my latest purchase.    A hobby size mitre saw that I got in a " Buy It Now" on Ebay.

It's a fantastic little saw that will do everything that I want.

 No more wrestling with small lengths of timber while I try to cut straight using a hand saw.  No more sore hands and arms,  no more nearly sawing off a fingernail!!

I bought it from   It's a Melbourne business, in Preston. They are fantastic to deal with.  The blade that it came with is on the large side, ideal for thicker timber but not good for finer cuts. I rang up and ordered a fine tooth blade that will be just right.

The saw is a Sonic Mini Mitre Saw and it cuts all angles up to 45 degrees. The blade has a safety cover and the handle is on the right side for easy viewing. There are other, cheaper saws available but this one seemed the best and safest to operate and it gives more flexibility as well.

I think the Ebay site is called   Bills Bargains Online.  Worth a look.


  1. Una excelente herramienta, sé que harás cosas hermosas.
    un abrazo

  2. I'm green with envy! I must get something like that one day. I cannot saw a decent mitre for the life of me. Great buy.

  3. Another green, envious person here! That's the beauty of miniatures, such variety! One saw sewing, one day baking polymer clay, another sawing up wood! I've just bought a small chop mitre which will do for my small things like frames. It was a special at Lidl.Looking forward to seeing what you make with yours! Gill x