Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Tenth Follower.

Hello and welcome to Andrea of A Mini Obsession.   I hope you like reading about me and what I'm up to.   I've already seen some very interesting plates and other items on your blog.

As I type this, we are having the most incredible storm.  The sky has been dark for over an hour and it turned to night for a while,  the rain poured down,  we even had hail.
 My little dog Nicholas  does NOT like thunder and lightning,  neither do I, so we huddle together and are both tempted to hide under the bed!  My husband loves a storm, he flings open the drapes or goes out onto the verandah to watch,  frankly I can think of better things to do that aren't so noisy or dangerous!

My beautiful gifts.

Look at what the postman delivered this-morning.   My lovely but oh so tiny give-away gift that my friend Sandra from Sydney made.
  Wrapped so beautifully I couldn't wait to see what was inside.   You have to be here with me to see the detail but when you see the photo's I know you will understand how excited I was to receive this.   Thank-you again Sandra.
 I'm now busy planning just what I will make to display my new gifts in.  several ideas so far.

New Followers to Welcome.

A very warm welcome to three new followers but also an apology for not doing it sooner.

Gemma from Blog-Doll-Dollshouses.
karolyn from Little Lifestyles
Gillian from Make It Small.

I enjoy reading all of your blogs and find some-thing new and interesting in all three.

I am really loving this blogging. Some lovely new friends and from all over the world. It's great to share such a fantastic hobby ( or passion ) with like minded people. Long may it continue!!

Grocery shopping?

I had a burst of energy recently and made these tins and packets for my grocery store.

The tins were kits with the "tin" turned on a lathe.  They have realistic circles on the top and went together very well.   Most of the packets are from printies found on the internet but a few were kits as well.   Fiddly to glue up but I'm happy with the results.   I think I will brush a sealer coat over them  as well.

I spent hours working on them but was surprised when I finished  that there weren't more of them.   It's going to take me a long time to fill shelves in my shop!
My husband has a mini lathe that's for turning metal.  He's already said he could make some tins for me, I just need to find the right labels so he can figure out how thick to turn them.

I re-organised all my mini's recently and found things that I forgot buying. It was a bit like a birthday surprise, even found doubles of some items. Oh well,  I must have likes it enough to buy it twice!  I can't believe just how much I have.  We will need a much bigger house to display all of it if I ever get around to finishing projects.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Warm Welcome.

How lovely. two new followers.
 Welcome to Drora Hed, I can't find your blog yet but will keep searching.
 It's lovely to have Rosamargarita too, your blog is very interesting.  I especially liked the little computer that you found.
  Also I'm not sure if I welcomed Kez, if not I apologise and say that it's lovely to have you on my list too.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My New Mitre Saw.

This is my latest purchase.    A hobby size mitre saw that I got in a " Buy It Now" on Ebay.

It's a fantastic little saw that will do everything that I want.

 No more wrestling with small lengths of timber while I try to cut straight using a hand saw.  No more sore hands and arms,  no more nearly sawing off a fingernail!!

I bought it from    www.woodworking.com.au   It's a Melbourne business, in Preston. They are fantastic to deal with.  The blade that it came with is on the large side, ideal for thicker timber but not good for finer cuts. I rang up and ordered a fine tooth blade that will be just right.

The saw is a Sonic Mini Mitre Saw and it cuts all angles up to 45 degrees. The blade has a safety cover and the handle is on the right side for easy viewing. There are other, cheaper saws available but this one seemed the best and safest to operate and it gives more flexibility as well.

I think the Ebay site is called   Bills Bargains Online.  Worth a look.

Nick's birthday today.

Just a quick post to say happy birthday to our dear little dog, Nicholas.   He's 12 years old , a Maltese Terrier and even though I love him dearly, he tries my patience quite often.

He's very close to me and suffers separation anxiety when I'm out of his sight.   He's also getting very deaf.

Because he just wants to be near me, he's always right under my feet and I've tripped over him several times. He gets on very well with one of my cats but doesn't like the other one.  He barks at anyone who comes to the door and some-times at imaginary visitors too.

I have to be honest and say that I love him dearly and he's great company, loves a cuddle and loves to eat too.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

September 11th.

This year is the tenth anniversary of one of the most horrific deeds that man ever did to his fellow man. The day will live on in the memory of all who hope and pray for peace among peoples of different cultures.

I however also remember September 11th with love and happiness because it's my beautiful daughters birthday.
She was born at 7 minutes to 4pm and I ring her at exactly that time of day to wish her happy birthday. It started as a little joke but now even at 41 years of age, she looks forward to my call so this day is firstly a happy day for me and my family.

As I type this , I see that the time is 11:11pm in 2011, my daughters lucky number is 11 so I wish her joy, good health and happiness always xxx