Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Some Chairs I Have Made.

I made this wing chair several years ago from a pattern in one of my Venus Dodge books.  I own quite a few of her books, they are my favourites  for ideas and patterns.

 I really love these books, the style in most of the rooms is country cottage and cosy and the patterns are very easy to make up.

 After I made the chair I decided to make a foot-stool in the same fabric. The cushion is mine as well.

I love this little bedroom chair.   A friend gave me the one you can see in the bedroom of my florist shop.

 I made the red one and was happy that it turned out as pretty as the gold one.

The back is just as pretty as the front don't you think?

This chair was a real challenge.  The man who taught me how to make it is a fantastic miniaturist and is also an upholsterer in real life so the chair was put together the same way a full size chair would be made.

 It does make a much better finish but also lots of time and detail too.

I searched the house and my work-room for this double bed mattress. I wondered for a while that I may have accidentally thrown it out so you can imagine my relief when it turned up!

It was an interesting project and turned out really well. The hardest part was cutting out the tiny leather circles for the "buttoning"

Well it's the last day of winter here in Australia. The blossom trees are in flower and bulbs are springing up everywhere but the days are still quite cold and the nights here where I live are FREEZING!!  Oh well,  it won't be too long and you will hear me complaining of the heat,  never satisfied am I?

I've been so busy enjoying making mini's lately that I don't want to have to stop and do boring things like grocery shopping, housework and cooking.  Isn't it sad when life gets in the way of doing the things you would rather be doing?

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  1. Oh Sandie your work is perfect!! Love those chairs!! Very impressed with the mattress too :) Your work is amazing!! xxx