Tuesday, 16 August 2011

All About Thomas.

I made this florist shop in memory of my beautiful cat Thomas who died three years ago. I made it because he liked jumping onto my lap to see what I was making. He was never very far away from wherever I was in the house, he was a lovely, cuddly cat.
 He also loved flowers,  well....  eating them anyway!  I couldn't bring fresh flowers inside because he would jump onto the bench and nibble on the petals.

 Like most cats, he also liked climbing into boxes, shopping bags, hand-bags and  several times into my empty doll house.
I had to change the owners name to Thomasina because the bedroom  is feminine. I'm sure Thomas wouldn't have objected

I named the shop after one of my "new" cats, Bella.
 Now all I need to do is make something for my other cat Harry. I think it will have to be a gymnasium because he's so lively and loves to climb!

I made most of the plants and flowers. I like using bunka, it makes great plants like lavender and hyacinths but it's also good for rugs and trims on hats and other furnishings. It comes in a large range of colours too.

I made the footpath from a full size kitchen tile that I cut into shapes then glued down and "grouted"
Some of the flowers are paper punched, some are masking tape and wire then hand painted and some I have bought.

This is the upstairs bedroom. Thomas is asleep on the bed.

The only items that I didn't make apart from the basket and jug and basin were the chair that one very talented friend made and the stack of hat boxes that another lovely "mini" friend made for me.

The bamboo screen was interesting to make, it's made from skewers, glue rings applied to replicate the bamboo, paint and the bottom part is from prints copied on the computer.


  1. Sandie, the more I get to know about you the more we have in common and even our pets had so much in common lol! Our old boy was Garfield, who followed me around like a dog. He wasn't keen on sitting on my lap but loved to be on my feet. He passed away aged 19, his sister Tinkerbelle the year before aged 18. She was the cuddly one, never happier than being on my lap and investigating - or sitting on - my mini work. How fitting that my favourite kit is the Garfield house!

    I love your style of decorating, you are very creative and the rooms are lovely. The bamboo screen is clever - I would never have thought of doing that! I have a fondness for mini flowers. Your flower shop is delightful and I am fascinated by the thought of lavender made from bunka.

  2. Oh wow Sandie I love this - so much love and attention gone into it - you're so talented!!

  3. Thank-you. I really enjoyed making it even though Thomas wasn't here to look in it and give his approval!

  4. You have some beautiful flowers and it's lovely to see your collections. You've made a really good start to your blog, I shall follow with interest! Best wishes, Gill

  5. Thank-you Gill for your comments and encouragement. It's lovely to know others enjoy what I'm making.

  6. Sandie I just managed to find your blog.Im affraid im not very computer savy :( Your work is fantastic and I hope one day to be producing such beatiful things :)

  7. Thank-you Kez for your lovely comments. It's good to hear from another "mini" blogger, I also enjoy seeing what you create.