Monday, 1 August 2011

Fun making furniture.

I'm very lucky to have a lovely husband who is also a man of many talents. He made my large dollhouse, also several room-boxes and many other " can you please cut this out for me " items.
 I also have a small band saw and a couple of power Dremel type drill kits. Wish I owned a scroll-saw too, one day maybe.
One of my first attempts at making a piece of furniture was these settles. I distressed them to make them look well used.  Cushions always look good and I have plans to put one in a kitchen and pile some newspapers and perhaps a basket or a coat on the seat. The ones I've seen in magazines always seemed to be piled high with clutter.
This kitchen table was fun to make. The legs are newel posts from a stair case set. This has also been aged as all good kitchen tables should look. The scone and biscuit baking was also fun to do.
This little wash-stand is made from kauri pine. It has a lovely, smooth grain, ideal for miniatures. The front legs are the posts from stairs, they are nicely turned. The towel is a piece of elastic bandage with blue stripes drawn on.
I must confess that for a long time I had not been as enthusiastic about my mini's as I should have been but since starting this blog and reading about all the wonderful, talented miniaturists, I am full of ideas and plans. All I need now is more money and time!! But having said that,  miniatures can be created from all sorts of unusual items and hardly any outlay.  We are expert recyclers aren't we.


  1. I can't believe it - another thing in common lol! The very first piece of furniture I ever made from scratch was a settle too! And like you I also find that blogging is giving me encouragement and motivation for minis. Seeing other blogs has actually inspired me to attempt to do a quarter scale cottage as well as a 1:12th scale cottage in shabby chic style decorating. Not sure how I'll go ....Your table and other furniture are super! Hugs, Sandie

  2. That's amazing isn't it? I so love your 1/4 scale miniatures, have only attempted one tiny project, Photo to come soon. I have several books on 1/24th scale and have put a lot of thought into a project but nothing started so far! Perhaps it's time to stop thinking and start doing! I have left you several comments but they haven't appeared on your blog. Hope all is well with your family. Hugs from this Sandie.