Sunday, 24 July 2011


Hello MiniAussie, your my very first follower, hopefully not the only one but at least I know I'm not talking to myself!  Here's some more mini items that I have made in the past. This cake display cabinet is a favourite with anyone who visits, some yummy cakes and pastries, not one bit fattening though
.Anyone for fish and chips?  Our local paper printed tiny front pages for a special edition a while ago and, of course, they have been put to good use here to wrap the fish and chips and also folded and stacked to go in my grocery shop if I EVER get it finished.
Of course, everyone likes to eat a good, hot meal so I plated up some meals. I think my peas are a bit big but then not everyone likes peas so they can be left on the side of the plate.

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  1. Oh wow!! I didn't see this post, your food looks so yummy!!! Being fairly new to this myself I'm not sure why some blogs show new posts on my page and some don't.. we'll work all this out hey!! Hungry now.. ;-)