Saturday, 23 July 2011

Good enough to eat?

I love making food for my dolls house, usually in Fimo or Sculpey. I really like adding the finishing touches with a light dusting of pastels or paints. Making the cabbages and other food with veiny type leaves can be a bit tricky but the finished product looks very life-like.

Making bread is much easier though. I usually add a tiny amount of semolina to the mix to give it a grainy look. It looks great if you dust with pastels and some-times talc on top for a flour look. There are endless varieties of bread, buns and loaves to be "baked" When it comes out from my little oven I can nearly smell it!
Making fruit is fun especially when the finishing touches are added with pastels or paint. Mind you, making grapes is another matter altogether!


  1. What great food! I think there must be a special technique for grapes, although yours look pretty good.

  2. Vicki, you have a real talent for making fimo fruit and vegetables! Hugs Sandie