Thursday, 16 February 2012


I'm sure I've told you about one of my cats called Harry and his ability to climb up onto anything in the house.

I've found him on top of the wardrobes,  book-cases,  kitchen cupboards,  shower recess. In fact anywhere he can climb up to for a better view of what's around and new ideas for somewhere else to climb!

I recently took one of the small drawers out of a cabinet to look at the contents in the kitchen when I heard an odd noise.  This is what I found.

What goes in....

Must come out!

Then I need a little rest just to show you how cute I am.


  1. That is cute (and very recognizable)!

  2. Vicki - after the email I sent you today about sleeping positions I really smiled when I saw this post :) How cute is Harry!!
    Hugs, Sandie