Thursday, 9 January 2014


My lovely family gave me an electric pressure cooker for Christmas. It was one of many gifts that I received including a box of chocolates (almost gone) shower gel, hand and body lotions and a funny calendar of cats and dogs.
Thinking back over the years, I can't ever recall and gift that my family gave me that I didn't love or want to exchange for something else. I always feel a bit sad that some people can't wait until Boxing day to take gifts back for another item that they want.

I've been looking for recipes for my pressure cooker to add to the ones included with the machine.
I've already made "bangers and mash"  and a couple of lots of vegetable soup and a chicken dish. All turned out very tasty and so quick.  I was wondering if anyone have any recipes that they might like to share or suggest a good recipe book.  There are several books on the market but many of them are more suited to a stove-top cooker. This one also steams and slow cooks which is really versatile although I haven't tried those functions out yet.

I spent a couple of days packing away all the Christmas decorations, such a big job!  I have to confess that I do think when putting up the decorations and packing them away that  "it's such a big job and I'm getting too old for this" but then I think of all the enjoyment that we get from seeing everything there. The lights in the little houses, the beautiful nativity displays, the tree with all the decorations that I've had for years and all the little pieces that fill the house with the spirit of Christmas.

I wish all my friends a wonderful 2014. A year full of happiness, good health and friends and time to do the things you love.