Tuesday, 10 July 2012


 My dear little Nick went to sleep on Monday, July 2nd.
 He had recovered from his big operation and was really well and happy for several weeks but then he slowly began to show signs of illness.
He drank quite a lot and lost his appetite. I just knew that his kidneys had failed so on the Monday morning after he had been sick a couple of times and fainted in the garden, I made an appointment with the vet.
 My daughter drove me there and after tests showed that he was very, very sick and had no hope of getting better, I made a decision to let him go.
 I held his hand while Jenny held me and we said good-bye. I cuddled him all the way home and he's now sleeping in the back garden where he loved to play.

This is one of my favourite photo's of Nick watching out the window. He loved to see people and cars go by and would get really excited when one of the family drove up in their car.

This is a fairly recent photo of Nick and his friend Bella. Nick is in his "pajama's" because he often felt the cold.  Bella loved to cuddle him, particularly near their meal time!
 I have watched as Bella cuddled Nick and her fluffy tail wrapd around his neck like a lovely scarf.

I love this photo too. Nick has his woolly "jama's on.  He was a fashionable boy, he had several coats and pajama's even a very smart red tartan coat that was for "best".

 I have nearly 14 years of memories and photo's but I miss him so much. The house is quiet and neater, I can walk without either tripping over him or having him follow my every step but, oh what I would give to have him back for another cuddle. I'm amazed that such a small dog could fill so much of my day.

           "Bye Nick, be a good boy and I will see you again one day. xxxxx