Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Thank-you for your good wishes and prayers for my Nicholas.  His operation went well, the lovely vet Rob, was very happy with it all.
 He was able to get the large lump all out and now Nick is home with a plastic collar on so he doesn't hurt himself and a very sore, stitched up rear end!
He was able to eat his tea with a bit of juggling and he's mostly following me around or lying nearby looking suitably put out.

Both cats are giving him a wide berth, they don't like the look of the collar. Rob said the recovery should be about ten days. We can take Nick for short walks and hopefully he will be back to his old self quite soon.

Life really is good when all the "family" are home and safe.
Vicki x

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have a favor to ask.    Would you please think of my dear little dog Nicholas and say a prayer if you wish. He's going to have a big operation tomorrow for a large cancerous lump

He's 13 years old but I hope and pray we will have him to love and spoil for a while yet.
 He's my little shadow, never very far away from me.  He follows me from room to room and just loves to be cuddled and patted.

He loves having a bath and being dried with the hair-dryer.  When he goes outside in the wet weather, his feet get dirty so as I let him inside again I say  "hands and feet",   he sits on the mat and holds his paws up to be wiped dry with a hand-towel.  My daughter usually comes for tea on Tuesday night and Nick sits in the hallway and just watches the door waiting for Jenny to arrive.  I swear he knows what day it is!


Vicki x