Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I just popped in to say hello and feed the fish and was so thrilled to see that I had two new followers.
 While I was composing a message to you both you will never guess what happened. A third friend joined my blog almost in front of my eyes!!
To Susan of Minicrochetmad,    Shez from Enjoying Life and Helen who didn't have blog details, a warm hello.   I'm so glad that you decided to stay. I hope you enjoy reading about what I get up to when I should be cooking or cleaning!!!
 I have been neglecting my miniatures a bit lately because I had surgery in my nose a few weeks ago and what with one thing and another, it's still painful to rest my glasses on my nose for long and I need to wear the "specs" for close-up work.  It's much better than it was so hopefully I will be back in business soon.

If you have looked back through my rambling, you will have seen photo's of garden flowers that I hope you have liked. I'm pleased to sat that they are all from my garden and when I take a close-up photo without the surrounding weeds, gosh don't they look great!

Take care,

Vicki x